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Regular Service Times when Covid 19 restrictions do not apply.

9.00am St George - Holy Communion

 (3rd Sunday in month Morning Prayer)

9.00am Christ Church - Wake Up & Worship

 (3rd Sunday in month only) ** (Suspended until further notice)

A lively service attended by our youth organisations and those who are young at heart. The service is followed by a light breakfast in the Church Hall.

9.00am Christ Church Hall - Holy Toast

 (1st Sunday in month only) **(Not July or August)

 A short informal service with optional light breakfast - ideal for families or those wanting to find out more.  Breakfast from 9.00am or just come for the Service which begins at 9.25am

10.30am Christ Church - Holy Communion

 (3rd Sunday in month Morning Prayer)

Crafty Kids Children's church

A craft club with a Bible message, music and refreshments for children 3-11 years.  We meet second and fourth Sundays in the Church Hall.

Just turn up or further details from Lynne Rogers 0117 9615742


9.30am Christ Church Holy Communion




8.30am Christ Church Morning Prayer

8.30am St George Morning Prayer

Click here for details of our restricted service arrangements from January 2021  


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