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 Services in the coming week will be as follows:


9am St George – Holy communion


10.30am ‘Together to Worship’ service at Church of the Ascension


9.30am Christ Church - Holy Communion

Our new 'Together to Worship' service  on the 1st Sunday of each month has been a

special time of gathering and joyful praise. We are

looking forward to our next service, 1st August

10.30am at Church of the Ascension. If you

haven’t already, do come along and see what it’s all


We want everyone to feel able to return to worship when they can and to feel safe and able to participate.

We have reviewed the latest government and church guidance and together with both parish PCCs we have agreed to proceed cautiously. We will keep these arrangements under regular review.

From Sunday 25th July:

• The good news is we will be able to sing again in Church.

• We encourage you to maintain social distancing from those that you do not regularly meet with, to facilitate this we will leave the rainbows in

place, but if you wish to sit together with others please do so by agreement

• We are encouraged to wear masks in crowded spaces, therefore we kindly ask you to continue to wear a mask (or visor) in church, if you are able to, particularly when moving around the building and receiving communion.

• We will not move around to share the peace but continue to bless each other from a distance.

• We will continue to only receive communion in one kind (bread only).

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Christ

Rev Beverley Charles

Team Rector

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