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May 2018

At last! The sun is out, it is warm, and I may discard my coat today. The garden is looking much better with blossom and bluebells, we are working hard to bring the garden back into shape, allowing for the awful weather we have had during the last few weeks. So here we are in May, which is a bit scary as to how this year is already progressing.

This month we have three major themes to think about, Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity. Included in all this is the “Thy Kingdom Come” initiative set out by the Archbishops calling all Christians to join in a global wave of prayer, praying between Ascension and Pentecost that people might come to know Jesus. The desire is that as Christians pray together, we will, be transformed through prayer, be given new confidence and encouragement by the Holy Spirit and be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ. As they say, “No pressure then?”

We are currently focusing on prayer at our two churches and will be asking our members to pray for 5 people they know, who do not know Jesus and hopefully through this prayer engage them in coming to know Jesus Christ in their lives.

Being a Christian is exciting and challenging and without the power of prayer and God’s help we will achieve nothing, and this is something many Christians and people with no faith, find hard to understand. Surely a Manager in Industry, who belongs to a Church can put into effect great innovations and changes without the help of God and the power of prayer? The answer is most probably yes, but is it according to the will of God, and will the outcome be in the best interests of the community and will it bring about the Kingdom?

Talking of Kingdoms, as we progress into another month of religious festivals there is also the Royal Wedding on the horizon. One hopes it will be a wonderful day for all, will remain nonpolitical showing to many people the run of true love, not allowing for all the glitter and glam. Of course, like it or not it will be a celebrity wedding, and it will be a media frenzy, but I believe young Harry and Meghan will rise above all that and show their true colours as a sensible caring young couple, who have done so much for world-wide charities and have already broken some of the normal barriers of protocol and good for them.

So, there we have it? Hopefully a month of sunshine, warmth in all aspects of life and may God bless all these initiatives and events, to lift our hearts and ultimately bring glory to his name.  

Rev John