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Epiphany 2018

Now our Magazine has stopped, I am now using the Website to enable you to read my monthly thoughts and views until further notice.

Horror novelist Stephen King in 1991 wrote a book entitled “Needful Things,” which became a film starring James Mason. The story is set in a small fictional New England town, Castle Rock, Maine. In the town a new gift shop is opened by a seemingly kind elderly gentleman named Leland Gaunt. The allure of the shop is that for each of the townspeople the shop's inventory includes an item thought to be the thing most wanted in life. However, none of the people can afford to buy the item. The shop owner offers each of them a trade off. A favour done for him will secure the most wanted item. Each is to play what appears to be a simple prank on another of the townspeople. Then the residents of Castle Rock begin to turn on one another until at last the whole town is in chaos. Leland Gaunt turns out to be none other than the devil himself. Travelling throughout the countries of the world, he has been selling junk to people who thought they were purchasing the item they most wanted. What the shoppers failed to notice were the words printed above the shop's entrance...Caveat Emptor... "Let the buyer beware."

In these opening days of the New Year, as we anticipate the unfolding of 2018, let us consider what it is you and I "buy into" as the most important thing in life...the principal thing, the chief, the main thing in life. In other words " What do you consider to be sacred in your life?
In today’s society the answer would range from football clubs, Iphones, celebrates, keeping fit, the body beautiful, the annual holiday, a car and hopefully our families, children and spouses. That list can go on of course.

As we begin another year we live in hope for a healthy and peaceful 2018, but as we know life can be very scary especially with certain politicians in charge. One thing we can all depend on is the hope that Jesus Christ gives us. It is in the hope of his Kingdom coming here in the places where we are, giving all the capacity to love as he loves us, to be peaceful, filled with his presence and power to get on with life, which is not always easy. He stands beside us in our joys, fears and sadness. He never gives up on us even when we turn away and say, “I cannot believe in you”. His response is “But I believe in you!”

When we are tempted to go into life’s gift shop of wants let us always remember those words, “Caveat Emptor” “Let the buyer beware.” Let us always seek the most perfect gift, that gift given to us at Christmas and became Emmanuel, God with us.

May I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2018

Rev John