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What a miserable few days? It has rained for the last three days, it is cold and I have no incentive for going out doors. I know Easter is early this year but this is very disappointing weather.

I always feel sorry for those who take an Easter break, with poor weather especially at the seaside, where one can only go from shop to shop, café to café, or retreat to the holiday accommodation, and if that’s camping or caravanning all the more depressing. Of course, there will be those people, who are naturally adventurous and will not let a spot of rain or cold dampen their intentions of walking or hiking and enjoy every minute of the challenge. Thank goodness for people like this.

Easter of course is a time when Christians celebrate the Risen Christ, a time of joy, celebration and hope in our lives. There are many who cannot believe in the resurrection of Jesus, finding it goes against all logic and laws of science. They simply see Jesus as a historical figure, a good man, teacher, healer and when he died that was it. There have over the course of history been very great men and women who have lived fantastic lives, there are others who have had led great movements and changed lives, yet as time goes on they will be just names in the history of time. They did not start a faith movement, which has lasted two thousand years.

When Jesus died, his followers believing him to be the Messiah, were devastated and fearful, frightened that they would also be arrested and crucified. Their friend and hope for the future was now laid in a tomb, their hopes had died with him. Yet within a few days these frightened men and women were able to start proclaiming the “Risen Christ” and start a great movement of other Followers of the way, which still attracts billions, who in faith, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is alive and remains with us until the end of time.

These early Christians were not interested in the mechanics of the Resurrection, but they knew in their hearts and minds that the Jesus had left that tomb and was among them both bodily and spiritually and it was his real presence that enabled these followers of the way to go forward in the name of Christ. Of course, the enabler, the comforter, the Holy Spirit, promised to them and us by Jesus, was to be a very real force and still is today, but that is another story.

Most people live their daily lives with hopes for the future, hopes in the ones we love, hopes for our careers, hopes for our families, all of which can suddenly be shattered and taken away. We then become like those first disciples, frightened, grief stricken and without hope. The fact is the Risen Christ gives us renewed hope, by surrounding us with his presence, his love, his care, weeps with us and holds us up, and is with us in the pit. We might not see him, but he is there, as are those who surround us every day, our family, our Christian family and friends. Every day can be an Easter Day if we let it. However go easy on the chocolate!  

May I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Christ is Risen! Alleluia.

Rev John